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Tea Journey Magazine

dan bolton tea journey magazine

At World Tea Expo 2015, I had the pleasure of talking with Dan Bolton for a few minutes about a new tea adventure he was embarking on. Dan is an incredible ambassador and journalist that loves to educate and enlighten people on the vastness of tea. He has been the editor of multiple beverage magazines and contributes regularly to tea resources that I use. There wasn't a set timeline in place at the time and for almost a year I've just been waiting for this project to become a reality. 

The time is here! Tea Journey Magazine launched on KickStarter on April 3, 2016 and will publish three 150-page print-ready issues a year. Joy's Teaspoon is proud to have pledged our support and and I am imploring you to take a look at this magazine and consider funding it. There is an abundance of information, stories, and education to be gleaned from the tea fields themselves and I trust Dan and his team to find those stories and accurately share them with the tea drinking public. Just in case you needed an extra bonus, when you pledge on the KickStarter campaign, you get tea as a bonus! 

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