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7 Days in TEAbet

7 Days in TEAbet Crannyberry Creamsicle Genmaicha joysteaspoon Pina Colada Ruby Red Wellness






by Sarah the Tea Mistress

Like many of you, I have been standing at the windows of JoysTeaspoon.com chanting, “Open, open, open!”  Now that I have access to so many new teas, I’m having trouble figuring out what to drink!  I ordered 6 teas, which earned me free shipping, so I practically saved money (or at least that is what I told my husband).

Day 1 (Captains Log - Wednesday): After a long day at work I was so excited to smell a special box sitting on my front porch.  I started with the Ruby Red.  After work I normally feed the dog and make dinner.  My routine didn't change, but at least I could do it while sipping a delicious tea that had a refreshing crisp citrus zing cut by a light floral taste that was just the right balance of tangy and sweet.   I usually do not like sweet tea (no offense southerners) but this tea was great with just a pinch of sugar.

Day 2 (Captains Log - Thursday): It has been a little cold here in Chicago so when I got home this evening I wanted something warm to cut the chill, so thank goodness I have tea!  When I go our for Chinese I enjoy the tea, especially a good green tea like Genmaicha.  Of course I consider myself a Genmaicha connoisseur because I have had it more than once, so, I decided to put this Joy's Teaspoon Genmaicha to the test.  It went something like this: Sip.  Sip.  Sip.  Sip.  Love It!  It was just the right tea to warm me up, and, because it is a green tea with bits of brown toasted rice, it is clean and refreshing.  A perfect spring evening tea, and now I am officially worried that no other tea can beat this.

Day 3 (Captains Log - Friday): It’s warmer today, sunny, and I have the day off!  What could make this day better?  Iced Tea.  Like the Dos Equis guy, I don’t always drink iced tea but when I do I only drink the World Tea Expo Winner for Best Iced Tea, Wellness.  Being that I am an 80 year old woman ,trapped in the body of a 28 year old, I have one of those Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Makers.  To redeem my youthfulness, I used my very smart phone to look up brewing instructions for loose leaf tea on JoysTeaspoon.com.   It was delicious and refreshing; I cannot wait until summer when I can make this a main staple of every outdoor event.

Day 4 (Captains Log - Saturday): Today brought on a bevy of chores and errands that in general I do not want to do.  I feel like Cinderella today minus the mice to help.  That said, I started my morning with an energizing tea, Crannyberry.  I have to admit the smell of this tea actually brought the hubby out of the man cave and into the kitchen.  The Cranberry is tart and just right with a strong black tea.  I still had to clean but at least my morning started off well.

Day 5 (Captains Log - Sunday): Finally, a Pina Colada I can have on a Sunday without feeling a little tinge of guilt.  I drank it warm, however, I can imagine it is just fantastic cold!  The only thing missing was a hat made of fruit and a tropical breeze.  I loved the citrus taste with the coconut-ty sweetness blended in.  Pina Colada tea made it a little easier to keep the Sabbath day holy!

Day 6 (Captains Log - Monday): Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!  I love my job but there is little that can make a Monday great…until Creamsicle!  I find that words cannot quite express my love for Creamsicle, but since it is hard to show you interpretive dance on a blog I have decided to try poetry.

An Ode to Creamsicle

Oh how I have searched for a tea,

That perfectly completes me.

And then I found you Creamsicle,

You are quite the dream-sicle!

Day 7 (Captains Log - Tuesday): Some things are just worth doing twice!  Today I started with Creamsicle in the morning and ended with Wellness on ice in the evening.  I now know what it is like to be the cream filling in the middle of an Oreo, stuck between deliciousness! With so many more teas and brewing options I am excited to keep sipping!  However, I am thinking my next post will need to be 40 days and 40 nights of tea - just to get them all in.

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  • Mamie on

    I feel it is a shame I am sor far away that the tea from joysteaspoon would get lost before I got to drink it. When I come back to Chicago-land though, I expect some Monday at least. :)

  • Cara on

    Excellent blog, Sarah! It reminds me that I need to get my butt in gear and order some of these amazing teas! Thank you, Sarah the Tea Mistress!!

  • Jenny on

    I sampled a few of these teas at The Tea Mistress house today…and loved them! Mmmm!

  • EM on

    Awesome article Sarah!

    Now you have a comment, feel better? :)

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