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Fine Loose-Leaf Teas and...PB&J?

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by Naomi ROsen 

It's our final installment featuring Japan's Golden Week and I am a firm believer that they saved the best for last!  Children's Day, celebrated every May 5th, honors the children in the family as well as their mothers. 

Enacted in 1948, it has actually been celebrated unofficially for centuries. Originally, the holiday celebrated the boys in the family (don't worry little ladies...your holiday was March 3rd).  Thus, Japanese families with sons would hang koi shaped flags from their homes to symbolize courage, perseverance, success and strength; traits all boys exemplify.  Legend has it that a koi managed to swim upstream and become a dragon.  My son would be happy being Mickey Mouse...I think we need to work on the dragon part!  Back on topic!  In more recent times, the holiday has morphed and includes all children.  From Olympic type events held at the National Kasumigaoka Stadium to a Kyogen (comedy) recital at the Yokohama Noh Theater children throughout Japan can enjoy their day!

Need some ideas for you and your children to celebrate Children's Day: Have a special boy, or girl, in your life that might enjoy a koi kite?  Maybe make your own Samurai helmet!  How about a Kimono Doll bookmark?

Here's my million dollar idea....have a kid's tea!  PB&J finger sandwiches, orange slices and a cookie.  Children aren't interested in breaking the bank but I bet they would love using fancy plates and cups and sipping tea just like a grown up!  I know...it's a great idea and all but what about the caffeine?  Lucky for you, Joy's Teaspoon has some great options!  All of our Tisanes and Herbal blends are naturally caffeine free!  Almond Cookie, Creamsicle and Strawberry Lemonade are all great options, hot or cold! Thus wraps Golden Week!  I might need a vacation after this!  I'm thinking....Japan!

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  • Jeanette on

    I think little ones would especially like Creamsicle. It tastes like the Flinstones Push-Up Sherbert I used to have when I was little!

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