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Joy's Teaspoon Book Club

carp eyes coming Carp Eyes Coming - JT's Official BookClub darjeeling death by darjeeling glenburn darjeeling second flush laura childs mahalo pina colada

 Carp Eyes Coming - Official book club of Joy’s Teaspoon

Finish this statement: teas are to books as peanut butter is to ____________.  If you said anything other than jelly, bananas, or chocolate you are dead to me. We all know that nothing is better than a little time spent with a good book and a great cup of tea from Joy’s Teaspoon.  Of course everyone is busy and it can be a challenge to find a good book club so Joy’s Teaspoon has created the best possible book club, but of course there are rules that must be followed. 

  • First rule, never talk about book club (I just could not pass up this opportunity).  First rule, if you have read this far you are an official member. 
  • Second rule, you do not actually have to read the book.  
  • Third rule, and clearly the most important, you should sip your favorite tea while reading any Carp Eyes Coming post or while commenting (a highly encouraged activity).

At this point you are likely thinking one of two things: when does my membership card and commemorative plaque arrive in the mail and what does Carp Eyes Coming mean?  This book club got its name from its first reading selection, Death by Darjeeling written by Laura Childs.  This is the first book in a series called The Tea Shop Mysteries.  It is a light hearted murder mystery akin to Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote.  It is rife with colorful characters, dramatic scenes where the real killer is unveiled in a Scooby Doo like way, and fantastic little tea facts.  For example while in the Indigo Tea Shop, Theodosia Browning, tea shop owner and part time sleuth explains how you know when boiling water is ready to brew tea.  She quotes a Japanese saying, “Carp eyes coming, fish eyes going and soon will be the wind in the pines.”  Theodosia goes on to explain that the carp eyes are the first small bubbles, fish eyes are the large bubbles that indicate a rolling boil, and the wind in the pines is the teapot’s whistle.  These quaint little tea tips are part of the charm of this easy summer read.  As this is the first book in a series there is a lot of character development and scene setting that can get a little slow at times but is livened up with little quips like the name of Theodosia’s Dog, Earl Grey, or Theodosia’s catch phrase, “Lord love a Duck”.  Theodosia has just the right blend of spunk and wits that allows her to run a successful tea business while dealing with the mysterious murders that continue to happen in her small town. 

I recommend the book, especially while at the beach or outside on a hot summer evening with a glass of iced Pina Colada tea or even iced Mahalo tea.  Both teas are refreshing and light, just like Death by Darjeeling.  Or even better, read this book while sipping our Glenburn Darjeeling Second Flush, a Darjeeling tea, if you dare! So now that you are a member of Carp Eyes Coming, what are you reading or what would you like us to read for you?

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  • Joan on

    Oh my goodness…you have a BOOK CLUB??? I am a fan forever now. :)

  • joysteaspoon on

    Not just any book club…a rockin’ book club! :)

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