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Are Those Bells I Hear?

Almond Cookie Amba Ceylon American Chai Berries Galore Earl Grey Creme enchanted forest English Breakfast Gen-matcha Genmaicha Glenburn Darjeeling Second Flush ingeni teamaker JT Herself Khongea Assam loose leaf tea riesling sun kissed jasmine tea tea filters tea infuser tea tumbler timolino

It’s beginning to look a lot like _____________________! I know it is hard to even think about completing this sentence but the truth is the holiday season is quickly bearing down. At Joy’s Teaspoon we have lots of friends and family to remember at the holidays and it can be tricky to budget for gifts.  The best thing to do is start shopping early and get creative with your gift giving.  We have a few ideas in mind that will help you stick to your budget and give your loved ones something that they will love and savor.  Who is on your nice list this year?

A World Traveler or an Aspiring World Traveler? Our favorite pairing: Amba Ceylon OP1, Glenburn Darjeeling Second Flush, or our Khongea Assam paired with a cook book of recipes from a favorite travel destination, a colorful travel themed magazine, or consider making your own cookbook with favorite recipes or recipes from a quick internet search.

Book Worm? Our favorite pairing: English Breakfast and Shakespearean Sonnets or a Jane Austen novel like Pride and Prejudice.  For a reader with more modern tastes, we suggest Sun Kissed Jasmine with a book like Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

Movie Aficionado? Our favorite pairing: American Chai, a blanket, and a fancy bag of popcorn! Mix this with a favorite movie and it can be fun for everyone.

Fashionista? Our favorite pairing: Let’s face it, tea is the new coffee and nothing is more fashionable than loose leaf tea like Almond Cookie, Gen-Matcha, or Earl Grey Creme.  Add a chrome Timolino Tea Tumbler to brew teas of every color and flavor to match any outfit.  Wrap this gift in a small satin bag or handbag and your gift could walk the red carpet.

Host/Hostess with the Most/Mostess? Our favorite pairing: The Timolino Ingeni Teamaker and Enchanted Forest.  This perfectly matched pair will serve many guests with flair.  We like to pair this with some fresh baked scones or a plate of cookies, the kind of special touches any good host/hostess would love.

Wine Aficionado? Our favorite pairing: The hardest thing to do for a wine drinker is to pick a good wine when you know nothing about it.  Riesling or Berries Galore with your favorite teapot (you can always use our handy Tea Filters to make straining and disposal easy) is the easy way to tempt a trained palette with a unique flavor.  Brewing these colorful, flavorful, and aromatic tisanes, even the most sophisticated wine drinker will not be able to swish and spit this out. Who else is on your nice list this year?  Let us know and we will come up with the perfect pairing!

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  • Betty on

    Thanks for this great idea for my friend who has everything! I know she will enjoy a cozy cup of Almond Cookie or Sweet Sin during the chilly holiday weather in New Hampshire. Thanks for the great reminder.

  • Sarah on

    well that answers the question of what do you get for the person who has everything! Now the real challenge, what do you get for the girl who runs a tea business? Have I stumped you? :)

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