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Cough, Cough, Hack, Hack

Sarah the Tea Mistress Tranquility

 A Letter from Sarah the Tea Mistress

Dear Joy's Teaspoon, I am Sarah the Tea Mistress.  I am not just a member of Joy’s Teaspoon but also a user.  This weekend has been far from perfect in the Tea Mistress household.  Here in Chicago the weather has been beautiful, not a statement we Midwesterners get to make very often!  The sun is shining, the temps are falling, the wind is blowing and so is my nose. Both Mr. Tea Mistress and I are sick at the moment with the kind of unattractive head colds that make happily married couples sleep in different rooms.  We had big plans this weekend for Halloween parties and handing out candy, we even had a witch hat for the dog to wear (meaning a witch hat for the dog to eat).  But these plans were replaced with his and hers tissue boxes and a matching set of cough drops.  We did not even hand out candy because I was concerned the Center for Disease Control might show up in hazmat suits and end the festive tradition.  Miserable, and smelling of Vicks Mr. Tea Mistress and I scoured the cabinets for anything that might help: soup, orange juice, honey, lemon, hot water, warm water, pizza (it was a moment of weakness), and of course tea.  We decided on an excellent herbal tea, Tranquility

In the midst of a very un-perfect weekend we sipped on Tranquility, many times.  We re-brewed bags and even took turns getting up to make a new pot.  This alone is a miracle since normally we would happily wait hours for the other one to get up!  You can actually see the chamomile flowers and even with stuffed up noses we could smell the great aroma. I like herbal teas when I am sick but I like to sip tea slowly and bag teas tend to get bitter quickly.  Tranquility kept it’s flavor without get bitter and soothed two very sore throats.  Thanks to Joy’s Teaspoon our very un-perfect weekend was made a little bit better.


A Letter from Joy's Teaspoon Dear Sarah the Tea Mistress, I am happy to hear that Tranquility was an excellent addition to your "anti-cold" arsenal and we hope that you are feeling 100% really soon.  You must know that the image of a dog dressed as a witch was classic, however, the image of said dog chewing the hat brought on fits of giggles!  Pinkies up Sarah the Tea Mistress and here's to health, happiness and sipping!

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  • Jeanette on

    Does he know you call him Mr. Tea Mistress? If not, can I be there when he finds out? I’m glad you’re feeling better too!

  • Sarah on

    Thanks Joy’s Teaspoon! We are both feeling a little better now. Of course this morning we brewed travel thermoses of Perfect World, by the way, we need more Perfect World!

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