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52 Loaves by William Alexander

52 Loaves Carp Eyes Coming - JT's Official BookClub summer sunrise William Alexander

[caption id="attachment_159" align="alignleft" width="192" caption="52 Loaves? I would be in heaven with that kind of guaranteed carb load!"][/caption] By: Carp Eyes Coming – Official book club sponsored by Joy’s Teaspoon Tea: Summer Sunrise In case you missed our first book club meeting you should know that anyone can be a part of the Carp Eyes Coming Book Club.  It is the book club where there is no pressure to read the book and there are never any meetings to attend.  All we ask is that you brew some tea and sip as you read this book review. "52 Loaves" is the story of William Alexander as he sets out to make the perfect loaf of bread and in the process learn a little more about himself. I was intrigued when I saw this book on the shelf for the first time.  With the addition of spices to Joy's Teaspoon I have been trying new recipes and even baking a little more than usual.  Of course I don’t bake at all so trying one baking recipe means more than usual!  The thought of focusing on just bread for a year caught my attention. Alexander reminds the reader often that it only takes flour, salt, yeast, and water to make bread.  With ingredients so simple it is awesome to hear how of ten he screws it up.  Although funnier than his mishaps in bread making are his hilarious accounts of building a back yard baking oven in a weekend as well as growing and milling his own wheat.   His retelling of the building a backyard oven made my weekend warrior heart proud.  His “weekend” project turns out to be a total disaster which reminds you that even though he has the focus to bake bread every week he is really just like you and me. I sipped Summer Sunrise as I worked on this surprisingly quick read.  My favorite part of Summer Sunrise is the spice or zest of the basil that when blended with the softer flavors of the tea is just the right mix of savory and clean tasting green tea.  I chose the tea because of the basil,figuring that reading a book about baking coupled with the aroma of tea and spice was just right. Alexander has inspired me to try my hand at some fresh baked goodies; I see plenty of bread failures in my future!

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  • QuiltGuppy on

    I’m so glad I stumbled across this! I love to bake bread and your review sounds like it would be a really fun read… thanks! I just ordered it.

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