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Stumped on Gift Ideas?

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Does Santa scratch his head every year on this one?  We all have THAT PERSON on our list!  You know, the one who is simply impossible to shop for.  They never want anything OR the type who wants something, so, they just go get it leaving you with no ideas.  It is time to let Santa know he can stop pacing the floor at night, the elves can chill out already and seriously someone needs to talk Rudolph down from the ledge (well I guess he can fly so maybe this last step is unnecessary).  Joy’s Teaspoon has just the right gift idea for you. Drum roll please…..

 A customizable Joy’s Teaspoon Gift Certificate in any amount!

I will let that sink in for a moment.  Good!  So, here are some details:

  1. You can purchase a gift certificate for any amount.
  2. You can customize the greeting written on the certificate!  A gift certificate that fits any holiday, event or occasion! 
  3. The serial number on the gift certificate is customizable too! 
  4. There are no expiration dates.
  5. It is super easy to use.
  6. You can wait for a certificate to be mailed or print it right off of your email.
Now, we know that sometimes a gift certificate can feel a little impersonal, so, we have a few ways to “fancy it up” a bit:  -Put the gift certificate inside an adorable tea pot and let the recipient pick out a few teas they will love!  - If you’ve located that very fitting apron they would love, just slip the certificate in the pocket and let the recipient choose their own selection of gourmet spices!  - Of course, for our romantics, why not write a little poem to go along with the certificate?

 A Gift of Tea by (insert your name here)

 At this (Christmas, Hannakuh, Kwanzaa, holiday) season,

Your (friendship, partnership, love) is the reason,

I so much want to give you (peace, joy, love) from me.

And so I got you the gift of tea! 

-This gift certificate can even be given over a heartfelt email for friends or loved ones that are far away.  Joy’s Teaspoon ships within the United States, Puerto Rico and all FPO/APO addresses.  Dependent on your email host you can likely change the font and background to fancy it up a bit more.  Thinking of a Joy’s Teaspoon Gift Certificate but not sure how to make it right for you?  Give us a call (877-795-1411), shoot us an email (Naomi@joysteaspoon.com), or even Facebook us and we can help you personalize your Gift Certificate!

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  • Sarah on

    Now the question is how to give one of these to you without you knowing..hmmm!

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