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Happy Hot Tea Month

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[caption id="attachment_271" align="alignleft" width="195" caption="Celebrating National Hot Tea Month in 2011! "][/caption] Celebrating National Hot Tea Month by JT Herself Yet one more reason to love this grand country of ours - January is National Hot Tea Month!  National Hot Tea Month, aptly celebrated in January, is a month of expanding your tastebuds and knowledge about the world of tea!  Loose leaf, teabags, matcha, herbal...it truly makes no difference to us!  All we ask is that you take this time to reflect and celebrate.  Below are a handful of suggestions and ideas to help kick off the month.  Hope your stove, electric kettles, microwaves and stove top kettles are ready! 
  • Host or attend a tea party.  Hats, gloves and Sunday best not required!  Just inviting over a few friends to chat and sip is celebration enough! 
  • Read a tea book.  Fiction, non-fiction, biographical!  Whatever heats your tea! 
  • Start a tea swap with friends.  We've all got a couple of teas in our cabinet that are good but we never drink them often enough.  No need for the tea to go to waste.  Talk to your tea drinking friends.  Your every other month tea blend could be someone elses every morning tea choice! 
  • Introduce a non-tea drinker to the tasty beverage!  They don't have to love it...but my money is on the fact that they'll enjoy it! 
  • If you live in, or near, South Carolina or Hawaii, you could tour a tea plantation/garden.  Why stop there, if you are in or near China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Japan or India you could tour a tea plantation/garden!  One can dream! 
  • Add tea to your spice rack!  Create a dessert, marinade, stock, or meat rub recipe using tea. The possibilities are endless.
  • Try a new type of tea that you are unfamiliar with.  If you are traditionally a green tea drinker, delve into an oolong.  If black is more your style, lighten things up with a green! 
  • Host a blind tasting.  Remember those cheesy Coke and Pepsi commercials...something like that but way cooler!  Brew 5 or 6 different pots and have your tea drinking buddies guess which is what.
  • Re-invent your favorite tea!  Choose a single blend and try brewing it with different water temps, different sweeteners, milk or no milk.  Or try doing a little blending of your own and combine two blends to see what new Frankenstein you can create!  See if you can truly perfect that cup of hot tea for yourself. 
  • Add tea to places in your life where it is currently missing.  Pre-package your loose leaf teas to take on the go or to the office.  Purchase a tea tumbler and make your commute or post yoga workout that much more peaceful. 
  • Since January is a great beginning for a healthier lifestyle, replace your less calorie savvy beverage choices with tea.  In the mood for a soda, tea it is!  In the mood for a juice drink, tea it is.  In the mood for a grande double shot mocha frap with no whip, tea is just easier to ask for! 
  • Start a tea journal!  Granted, this has the potential to last longer than January, but is a great way to document your thoughts and ideas on different tea blends, brewing techniques and teawares. 
  • Use tea as a way to keep in touch with friends and family.  Step #1 - Brew a warm cup of your favorite tea blend.  Step #2 - Dedicate your tea sipping time to catching up with a friend or family member you haven't had the chance to talk to you in a while!  Skype, phone, text, Facebook...pick your techno poison! 
To truly celebrate the month, we will be posting a series of articles to go more indepth on some of the ideas mentioned above.  In the meantime, what are some of your favorite ways to celebrate the month?  We'd love to hear them!

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  • Sarah on

    I have some tea sipping friends and I love introducing them to new blends and seeing what they think about them! We simply open up the tea cabinet, pull some down and start sipping. It is super easy and a great way to try a bunch of different flavors. I also craft from time to time so I think sipping tea while crafting is a good way to celebrate!

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