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The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Carp Eyes Coming - JT's Official BookClub emperors 7 treasures joy's teaspoon joysteaspoon.com The Help by Kathryn Stockett

By: Carp Eyes Coming – Official book club sponsored by Joy’s Teaspoon Tea: Emperor's 7 Treasures This book is outstanding!  The story takes place in Mississippi (yes I sang the song to spell this correctly) in 1962 and follows the lives of remarkably ordinary women who do remarkable things.  The story follows a young white woman with untraditional aspirations for a woman of the time and 2 black women who are employed as nannies and housekeepers.  Kathryn Stockett, a white woman, was raised in the south by a black nanny.  In an interview of Ms. Stockett she talked about how much her life was impacted by her nanny and the strange relationship that can often occur.  The characters are dynamic and unique and seem to represent real women going through real events while also portraying southern life in the 60s. I paired this book with Emperor's 7 Treasures because of its strong peach scent and flavor that made me think of hot summer days in the south.  I even added sweetener to my cup as an homage to the south.  This book, while critical of the persistent and ignorant racism of many, also pays tribute to a region of this country rich with history, tradition, and faith.    On a side note, I am also a sucker for a good story about a strong independent woman who goes against convention and after what is right and just.  The main character, Skeeter, is a true Artemis woman!  (Nerd Alert: BEEP, BEEP, BEEP: Artemis, a Greek goddess, is the chaste goddess of the hunt and is often said to have been untraditional. This ends the test of the emergency Nerd Alert system.)  Also of note are Minny and Aibileen.  Both are black nannies and unique with outlooks and problems of their own.  Their struggles with both personal life issues and societal ills in the south make them dynamic characters that are easy to relate to. This is the kind of book you cannot put down!  Brew a whole pot, get comfy and crack this book open.

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  • Sarah on

    I was worried that this book would be like Memoirs of a Geisha ( A book about a type of people written by an outsider who could never fully understand the tradition). But it wasn’t! It was very well written and a compelling story! A must read!

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