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Steeps of Encouragement

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by JT Herself I have a very special lady in my life!  Her name is Mrs. J.  She is not only a very close family friend but she is also one of my best customers.  A customer I would prefer not to hear from very often.  Say what??  I know...a little explanation required!  Mrs. J may have been raised in Arkansas, but she's got a heart as large as Texas!  Always there when you call, always willing to help when you ask, always full of comforting words.  That being said, she is also a very generous woman.  At Mrs. J's request, my teas have become a comfort to cancer patients going through chemo, their caretakers, a number of people who have lost loved ones and all in all people that are just having a horrible day.  The list could really go on and on but it's depressing.  My heart just breaks when I get that call that she needs some tea.  At least, it used to.  Until this morning.  Her words: "I got a call today from Caretaker A and she just loved the fact that I had thought of her and loved all the smells.  I can't thank you enough for sending that to her because she had seen what I had sent to her mom and sister (both being treated for cancer) and thought it was so wonderful.  You know, I used to send books, but people don't always have the time to read them.  Flowers die and I hate that.  But the teas are such a simple way for me to send words of encouragement and provide some comfort.  And your company is such a gift to me."   Nothing like a little dose of perspective every once in a while.  I may not know the people, be able to provide a hot meal or a shoulder to cry on.  However, taking the time to make a cup/pot of tea is such a simple way to comfort a soul in mourning, a body that is aching or a mind that is racing.  I will have a whole new respect for those phone calls from here on out!

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  • Sarah on

    That is really beautiful! What a blessing to be a small part of a wonderful outreach!

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