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Will you be my Valentine?

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Heart shaped balloons, chocolates, flowers.  Not to knock the gesture, but it's the same things year after year.  Wanting to think a little "outside of the cup" this year?  Joy's Teaspoon has some wonderful ideas for alternative gifts!  Tea is an incredibly thoughtful gift and your special someone will know that you value them for months after the big day!      Your Significant Other - A heart shaped box.  A gold box.  A box with a ribbon.  Chocolate.  Milk chocolate.  Dark chocolate.  I get it...I love chocolate like the next person.  I am not as big of a fan of the calories though.  For the love in your life, who loves chocolate, they'll fall head over heels in love with our newest addition: Chocolat Pot de Tea.  A smooth black tea blended with chocolate bits.  Combine this with a bit of milk and sugar and it is truly a truffle in a cup!  Pair this with a massage or candlelit dinner and you are sure to score...brownie points that is!  Family/Friends - One of the things that inspired me to launch Joy's Teaspoon in the first place was the ability of a simple cup of tea to bring friends together.  What better time than Valentine's Day to show a friend you want to spend time with them?  Keep it simple.  A pot, some cups, may be some Double Fudge Hazelnut Brownies with a Chocolate Ganache.  You know, simple!  Our Sweet Sin rooibos blend, with it's raspberries and vanilla pieces, is a nice caffeine free option that smells incredible and pairs well with savory and sweet!  Perfect for a Valentine's Day brunch or a chat over some tea!  The Kiddos - Let's get the kiddos in on the action as well!  Almond Cookie to the rescue!  This is a tried and true tea caffeine free option and an excellent alternative to the sugary treats available.  Letting them brew it (with supervision of course), choose their special teacup,  and even assist with the creation of a special meal or treat is time in the kitchen that will truly make their day, and yours!  Just for an added bonus...it brews up pink!  Co-Workers - For those of us that have co-workers that we genuinely enjoy seeing each day, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to say "Thanks for not annoying me".  And nothing says "thanks" like taking a few minutes for a tea break with a little Sun-Kissed Jasmine in your cup.  Not only is this tea a sight to behold with it's green and white leaf blend and rose petals, but it also boasts an exotic fruit flavor!  There is no better gift than being whisked from the daily grind for a few minutes.  Nature Lover - Being that I am the nature lover in my family, I appreciate a thoughtful gift that has less impact on the environment and our world.  That's why I am in love with our Tree and Tea Gift Set!  This set includes a $15 Joy's Teaspoon gift certificate and a gift planting of a tree (via TreesforaChange.com) in a US National Forest that has been ravaged by widlfire. Healthcare Worker - I got nothing...just wanted to make sure you were reading the whole article
At Joy's Teaspoon, we have over 50 tea blends that will bring a smile to the face of your special someone!  Here are a few more Valentine suggestions for the discriminating tea palate!

Still not sure which tea is the winner!  There is always the option of a Joy's Teaspoon Gift Certificate!  Give us a call (877.795.1411) or drop us a note (naomi@joysteaspoon.com) and we will create a customized certificate, of any amount, with no expiration date that is good on every item on our website.  

Got someone in mind and you need some ideas?  Comment below and we will put our collective brains together to come up with a solution for you!

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