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Bad Romance Series - Tea Beach

Bad Romance Sarah the Tea Mistress south sea magic

Foreword by JT Herself Valentine's Day brings out the sappy, romantic in all of us.  Especially those of us that read those trashy novels with the ridiculously oiled up muscle men covers, gratuitous love scenes and complicated plotlines (Insert sarcasm here)!  Not to be outdone, Joy's Teaspoon has opted to create some fantastic stories of our own to ring in Valentine's Day of 2011!  One new story a day ...I expect Harlequin to come knocking any moment now!  enJOY!   
[caption id="attachment_350" align="alignleft" width="281" caption="Tea Beach"][/caption] Tea Beach by Sarah the Tea Mistress Could the ocean get any better Samantha thought to herself as she looked out past her water toy rental stand.  If only she could get rid of all these tourists and have that bright glittering ocean all to herself. But of course she needed those tourists to rent snorkeling gear, boogie boards, and even surf boards so that she could live in this paradise all year long.  Here on this threshold she was free.  Free of stress, free of her complicated past, and free from impossible expectations.  She was content that no one wanted much from her.  Of course at times people mistakenly thought that she was just some dumb blonde on the beach, risk of the lifestyle she loved she guessed.  Her framed PhD just did not match the décor of her beachside rental stand. It seemed like a slow day at the stand and her business partner seemed confident that she could take care of their few customers.  The call of the ocean waves was just too much for Samantha to ignore, she could not wait to shed her ridiculous floral print work shirt and flip flops, and dive into that glorious cool salty water.  Samantha dived under wave after wave until the people back on the sand were just small dots of color on a field of tan.  She was just starting to swim back to shore when she saw an empty surfboard float past her.  She thought it was strange but tourists often times don’t realize that they have to return what they check out.  She grabbed the board and headed back to shore when she heard splashing and a deep booming voice yelling, “Wait!”.  She looked back and saw a handsome man with dark hair and skin even darker.   Although it was hard to focus on that handsome face as he dog paddled towards her.  He splashed his way over and grabbed the surfboard like a life raft.  Samantha tried to suppress a laugh by asking him his name.  “James”,  he said in that same deep booming voice, a voice she would come to love.  Samantha offered to teach him to swim and maybe even get onto that surfboard.  Good for business she tried to convince herself because she was not ready to admit that she just wanted more time with this man. James was glad that this sexy siren of sea showed up when she did and that she took the lead in talking. Admittedly he was so struck by her that he was a tongue tied, not something that had ever happened to him before.  She was stunning and surprisingly buoyant!  He could not think of anything better than a day in the ocean with this intoxicating mermaid.  He followed her directions and even stood up for a few seconds on the surf board.  As they paddled back to shore he knew he had to see her again but other than a few long glances she had been all business since they met.  Would she see him as just one of many tourists who hits on their attractive water sport instructors? As Samantha swam back to shore she was struck with a thought that she was entirely new to her.  She would throw her freedom to the wind for just a little longer with this man who could not swim but had resuscitated something lost in her, love. As they came to shore, Samantha took him by the hand, led him to a secluded part of the beach that only a local could know about, and served him a cup of the most amazing South Sea Magic.  As they sipped, they knew this tea service was the beginning of a new kind of freedom for Samantha and a true paradise for James.

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