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Bad Romance - Tea at a Glance

Bad Romance Sarah the Tea Mistress sunny passion

Foreword by JT Herself Valentine's Day brings out the sappy, romantic in all of us.  Especially those of us that read those trashy novels with the ridiculously oiled up muscle men covers, gratuitous love scenes and complicated plotlines (Insert sarcasm here)!  Not to be outdone, Joy's Teaspoon has opted to create some fantastic stories of our own to ring in Valentine's Day of 2011!  One new story a day ...I expect Harlequin to come knocking any moment now!  enJOY!  [caption id="attachment_358" align="alignleft" width="275" caption="A tea romance whirlwind hits a local coffee shop! "][/caption] Tea at a Glance by Sarah the Tea Mistress Henry was a young lawyer focused on his career with barely enough time to tie his shoes let alone have a relationship. He was okay with his solitude reminding himself that there was time for life when his career was settled.  Not very romantic, but Henry knew that practicality was the real stuff of life, not love. On this day Henry had to stop and make the obligatory office coffee run for the partners at the firm and was none to happy about it.  Waiting in line at the local coffee shop seemed beneath him, he would much prefer the law library hunkered down for hours of research.  In the library there was no problem he could not solve, the same could not be said for the real world.  As he waited in what seemed like an impossible line Henry scanned the coffee shop for something more interesting than his blackberry to keep him entertained.  Suddenly his eye stopped as he took in a sight like nothing he had ever seen before.  Maria was a vibrant and talented musician with an ear for dramatic melodies.  She studied the classics and mixed them with a kind of musical intensity that would build the audience up and keep them floating until the big finale.  Maria tried to keep drama contained to sheets of music but never succeeded.  Sitting at the coffee shop Maria tried to think about how this latest relationship fiasco had even started.  How did she get here, waiting to give back keys to an ex-boyfriend in a coffee shop of all places!  She didn’t even drink coffee she mused to herself. Her inner dialogue stopped at the realization that she was being watched.  She was not interested in male attention today or any time soon.  She was sure this last trist had broken her heart for good.  But there was something about this man staring at her that she could not ignore.  He seemed just as lost as she was, lost as a tea drinker in a coffee shop she joked to herself.   Realizing her stare had lasted a little too long she smiled at the stranger and then looked away towards a wall of overpriced coffee cups coated with a thin layer of dust.  Henry could have stared all day had this woman not looked away uncomfortably.  It was almost his turn at the coffee counter but he could not remember what he was supposed to order, all he could think about was her.  Without thinking, something he never did, he stepped out of the impossibly long line and moved towards her.  Maria wanted to turn away, prevent him from coming another step closer.  Somehow she lost her ability to move.  Was it his eyes, the curve of his strong sturdy shoulders, or was it that slight smile that made her smile as though it was catchy?  He introduced himself awkwardly and inquired after her name like she was a potential client.  After names were exchanged it became quiet, too quiet.  Maria began to stand, she knew she should leave but that seemed to complicated a task.  She would start with standing, especially since that would put her close enough to take in his scent and look closely into those shimmering green eyes.  As she stood to shake hands she lost her footing, or maybe became a little weak in the knees.  He caught her arm and at that moment they both knew they could not walk away.  Henry looked deep into Maria’s eyes, placed his hand on her soft warm cheek and leaned in closer and closer until his lips just brushed her ear.  And then he said the words that brought a flush of color to Maria’s face, “Would you like to share a cup of Sunny Passion with me?”  Without a word they slunk out of the coffee shop and raced to brew a pot.

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  • Sarah on

    Why thank you! I think the sunny passion tea just amps up the real life sunny passion :)

  • Patty on

    Those last two lines…perfect! Thankfully, I don’t need your tea for some sunny passion, but I have to order it now! Nicely written Sarah :)

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