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Bad Romance - Tea Whispers

Bad Romance Sarah the Tea Mistress spicy pear

Foreword by JT Herself Valentine's Day brings out the sappy, romantic in all of us.  Especially those of us that read those trashy novels with the ridiculously oiled up muscle men covers, gratuitous love scenes and complicated plotlines (Insert sarcasm here)!  Not to be outdone, Joy's Teaspoon has opted to create some fantastic stories of our own to ring in Valentine's Day of 2011!  One new story a day ...I expect Harlequin to come knocking any moment now!  enJOY! Tea Whispers by Sarah the Tea Mistress “Shhhhh!” Andrew hissed at the group of rowdy misfits who had hunkered down in the stacks of the library to do nothing but make his day endless.  He just could not imagine how anyone could disrespect the hallowed halls of the library.  To Andrew this library was majestic, something to be revered.  When he was younger he would escape to these stacks of books whenever teenage life had become too much for him.  In these books he made friends, imagined his future, and made his vow to one day work in this place that brought him so much peace.  He had no patience for people who disrespected his fortress of solitude.  Of course he knew the real reason for his impatience, it was nearing 12:00 and there was no sighn of Malachi yet.  At just the thought of Malachi’s name Andrew was lost in the thought of the first time he ever met Malachi, at the circulation desk checking out a collection of Shakespearean plays.  Andrew was taken by his good looks and the slight hint of grey at his temples, so refined Andrew recalled.  That day Andrew and Malachi started a conversation and a friendship that continues to this day a year later.  Once a week Malachi stops by the library at lunch with an assortment of cheese, crackers, and tea of course.  Tea was one of the first things they had agreed on, tea drinkers were clearly more refined than coffee drinkers they had chuckled.  Andrew could not even think of tea without his thoughts rushing to Malachi. Malachi paced in front of his car with his insulated cheese carrier and travel thermos of tea in hand.  He knew he was late but he was nervous.  Seeing Andrew always made his heart race but today more than normal.  Malachi had been planning this day in his head since the moment he saw Andrew.  He had hovered in the stacks that day trying to time his book check out perfectly to be sure and get Andrew instead of one of the old grandma types that usually worked behind the circulation desk.  All the planning had paid off when he met Andrew and the conversation just flowed naturally.  Malachi was a slow mover and had been burned in matters of the heart before.  He decided then to take it slow and get to know Andrew.  Funny that in an attempt to protect his heart he had given it so freely to Andrew.  Today he was going to make it known that he wanted more than just friendship from Andrew but what if Andrew did not return this feeling?  He would be losing his friend and his heart all with one little word, no. Malachi entered the library and spotted Andrew immediately.  Andrew was glaring at a group of rowdy kids in the corner and did not see Malachi until he was right in front of him.  Andrew greeted him with a warm smile from across the counter.  Malachi could not veer from his plan, worried he might lose his courage at any moment.  Malachi slid a call number across the desk and explained to Andrew that he needed to locate this book immediately but was having trouble.  Andrew led him to the right location in moments.  He could have found the book with his eyes closed, the stacks were like a second home to him.  Malachi asked Andrew to open the book of Shakespearean plays to a specific page and stanza and told him to read the line aloud.  Alone in the stacks with Malachi, Andrew mouthed the words but no sound would come out. Andrew’s whole body heated and flushed and suddenly their proximity in the enclosed shelves of books closed in on them.  They embraced with only a year’s worth of longing between them.  They looked deep into each other’s eyes and knew immediately what the other was thinking…let's sip some Spicy Pear. 

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