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The Love Lab

Bad Romance Sarah the Tea Mistress summer sunrise

[caption id="attachment_376" align="alignleft" width="189" caption="Experimenting with Love Potion #9 perhaps? "][/caption] by Sarah the Tea Mistress Janine leaned over Melanie’s limp body and tried to will her to wake up.  After the blast in the lab Janine could swear she saw her life flash before her eyes.  Yet, here she was with just a few bruises and scratches and Melanie was now lying in this hospital bed stable but still sleeping.  How could it be that just this morning they were standing over a Bunsen burner and now they were here in the hospital?  One sterile room to another. As Janine sat next to Melanie she thought about their time together in the lab.  They just had a natural rhythm in the way they worked together.  When Janine had started working on a new medication, Melanie jumped in to suggest some good safety measures and from that moment on they had worked together on three new drugs from beginning to market. Janine and Melanie went together like chocolate and peanut butter, peas and carrots, hydrogen and oxygen.  Janine held Melanie’s hand as she had so often done in the past but this time she willed energy from her body to Melanie’s hoping that somehow she could bring Melanie back.  Right there, holding Melanie’s hand, Janine promised that if Melanie woke up she would not waste another second.  She would whisk Melanie away on that vacation they had always talked about, see the world, plan that family they had been dreaming of… if only Melanie would wake up! Just after two o'clock in the morning, while Janine slept in the uncomfortable hospital chair, Melanie began to stir.  She immediately scanned the room for Janine and couldn’t let out a breath until she saw her love bent up in a small chair sleeping.  Melanie whispered her name and Janine leapt from her chair.  They embraced gently and neither could let go.  Janine curled up next to Melanie and they held each other, thankful for the chance to be together again.  Janine talked of romantic vacations and all the places they would see together but as she talked there was only one thing Melanie had on her mind, Summer Sunrise, and lots of it.  She could not wait to sip tea with Janine for the rest of her life.

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