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Bad Romance - Ride the Tea Train

Bad Romance mangalam assam Sarah the Tea Mistress

As you may have noticed, Joy's Teaspoon has decided to ring in Valentine's Day by celebrating the fine writings that can be found in the trashiest romance novels!  Happy Valentine's Day!  by Sarah the Tea Mistress Grayson leaned back on the hard wooden bench, a little antsy to get moving.  The train station in San Diego was a little drafty but the warm sea scented air was refreshing. Grayson was afraid to fly so the train was his only choice.  He had learned to love riding the train but loved the fact that no one else did.  He often rode in a train car all by himself, no need to make casual conversation with strangers.  All the way to San Francisco he could keep his nose in his books and ignore the world, he rarely even looked out the window.  Grayson was not antisocial, he was busy.  He had been working on a major business deal that would add jobs to a struggling economy.  This had been his life-long dream and he could not let anything get in the way. Grayson had just started to nod off when he heard the blow of the train whistle.  Time to hop on a train that would take him to San Francisco to finalize this important deal.  In moments like this, Grayson wished he had someone to share this with but there would be time for that one day.  Grayson stood and boarded the train.  He settled into his usual seat on an empty car and began to spread his papers out on the seat next to him, there would be time for rest later. He did not even see that he was not actually alone on the train. Sophia looked for the quietest train car she could find.  She had a lot of work to do and did not want to be bothered.  The man across the car had not even looked up when she entered so she had a good feeling that this would be a quiet ride.  She was working on a big case, a good trial could mean a lot for her career so the pressure was on.  She had to get through a mountain of reading just to be ready for the initial hearing.  She settled into her seat, picked up a file and her travel mug of tea.  She took a moment to let the aroma of Mangalam Assam fill her nose and started reading. Of course the rocking of the train and her warm cup of tea was just the right combination to put her to sleep.  As she faded into slumber her travel mug fell to the floor and began to roll.  Grayson was startled when he felt something hit his foot.  He looked down to see a shiny silver travel mug.  Where did it come from he wondered?  He was sure he had been alone this whole time.  He stood and looked around and realized that on the other side of the car was another passenger.  A little irritated that he had been interrupted he walked over to hand back the mug.  He was a little surprised to see such a stunning woman curled up on the train seat like a child.  The vision was so full of contradictions.  He set the mug down on the seat next to her and tried to quietly walk away when he tripped on her briefcase and fell right on the floor with a thud.  Sophia startled at the noise and let out a little scream when she realized this stranger had been standing over her.  Grayson clumsily tried to explain what happened to calm this now tired and frightened woman.  Sofia thought it was cute that he was so nervous but tried not to show it.  He finally backed away and they spent the rest of the ride in silence trying to focus on work. When they arrived in San Francisco they each went their separate ways. After Sophia had checked into her hotel she changed into her power suit and prepared for a dinner with a fellow attorney on the case.  She really did not want to go but she knew business mingling was an essential part of her career.  She dabbed a little perfume on her neck and grabbed her room key.  As she exited her room she was shocked to see the same man from the train entering the room across the hall.  She had not realized how handsome he was on the train.  He had light blonde hair and even though he seemed a little nervous on the train he seemed calm and rather tall now.  Grayson turned just before he entered the room with a strange feeling that he was being watched.  When he caught site of the woman from the train staring at him he nervously turned again and tripped over his suitcase, once again hitting the floor with a thud.  Why couldn’t her stay on his feet around this woman? Sophia giggled a little at the sight of this man on the floor again.  She knelt at his side and rubbed his head.  He looked up at her and the connection between them was enough to throw him to the floor again had he not already been there.  She was even more beautiful than before.  She introduced herself and helped him off the floor.  She offered him a cool washcloth for his head and as he sat in the doorway holding the towel he watched her brew some tea in her room.  She brought him a cup of Mangalam Assam and they sipped slowly as they got to know each other better. So much happened in that short but memorable week.  Sophia won her case, Grayson finalized his business deal and over tea they celebrated together.

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