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Cups, and pots, and toys, OH MY!

Sarah the Tea Mistress

Entry to the Wonderful Land of Oz


Today I entered the land of Oz, also known as the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, IL.  What an exciting wonderland of gadgets and gizmos and doohickeys.  I was there to scope out new and exciting tea and spice accessories.  As you can imagine in a football field sized hall, there were quite a few finds to unearth.   Color, color, color!  There are some really beautiful colors coming out this season.  Bright saturated hues and jewel tones were everywhere!  Cups and teapots of all shapes and sizes in these stunning bright colors made for cheery bright displays.  I love the idea of mixing and matching colors for a bright, bold, and refreshing tea experience.  Tea-to-go.  I got a sneak peak of a really great travel brew system.  I played with a prototype today and I cannot wait to see the finished product.  Let's hope everything goes as plans so we can see this great system soon!  So many of these travel products are green and that is a mission we can really get behind at Joy's Teaspoon!  Top Chef!  Okay so this has little to do with tea and spices but I was very excited to see Hector Santiago, Stephanie Izzard, and Fabio Viviani.  Glass! Joy's Teaspoon already has some great glass brewing options.  I saw some beautiful pots, each one showing off the beautiful colors of tea.  New sizes and shapes have reinvigorated the glass teapot once again.  Of course there are some big decisions to make and lots of fun things to try out to make sure we have just the right products to make tea drinking easy and carefree.  Happy Sipping! And a big thank you to Mr. Tea Mistress for carrying more than his fair share of catalogs!

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  • joysteaspoon on

    Thanks for letting me know. It’s a pet peeve of mine too. I don’t like losing the tea or cleaning up the mess! I do test all of the accessories before I carry them. There are SOOOO many available and I want to make sure they do what they say, function properly, etc. If the teapot has a spout, there is an inexpensive dripless spout accessory (comes in a pack of 2) that we carry on the site that works really well.

  • Brenda on

    Do you get to test out the pourability (I made that word up) of the teapots before buying them? I have noticed some teapots are very badly designed. When pouring they dribble down the sides………basically making them worthless. Just a pet peeve of mine I had to throw in here.

    Happy sipping,


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