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Joy's Teaspoon has proudly been providing premium loose leaf teas for over a year now via our website, www.joysteaspoon.com!  However, we have always recognized that sometimes a good cup of tea just can't wait to be shipped!  For those of you in need of our loose leaf options RIGHT NOW, you can now find our local Las Vegas retail partners on our "Find A Store" page on Joy's Jabberings, the official blog of Joy's Teaspoon.  Thank you to Ganesha Center and The Spirit Within U for being our inaugural partners on this venture!  We are very excited to work with these fine spiritual living centers and ask that you keep a lookout for our events calendar as we will often host tastings and special events in both centers!  If you or your business are interested in offering Joy's Teaspoon premium loose leaf teas and spices, please contact us at Naomi@joysteaspoon.com or 877.795.1411!

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