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Who Is Joy?

JT Herself

by Naomi Rosen "Who is Joy?"  I get this question all the time.  People commonly mistaken me for Joy.  Or one of Joy's employees.  Truth is, Joy doesn't even know that Joy's Teaspoon is named after her!  Being that today would have been her birthday, let me introduce you! Joy was my mom.  She drank bagged teas occasionally and cooked every once in a while.  You might ask, "So, why exactly did you name your tea and spice business after your mother?"  The answer is quite simple.  Joy loved family and friends.  She was a "chatter upper" and could spend hours with her sisters or church pals.  It could be a simple potluck or a family gathering but she would find out how the kids, in-laws and pets were doing.  Joy would know how you felt about your new boss, whether you were passing your classes and always remembered the name of your new grandbaby!  It truly was a gift.  Unfortunately, Joy passed away at the young age of 49. I have learned in the year since Joy's Teaspoon launched that the most rewarding part of talking tea, spices and recipes with the people that I cross paths with is sharing that same passion Joy had of spending time with family and friends.  I launched Joy's Teaspoon for that exact reason - to share the tools of talk - a great cup of tea and a delicious meal. There you have it, and yes, Joy would have loved this!

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