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Tea and the Royal Wedding

English Breakfast JT Herself royal wedding william and kate

How Joy's Teaspoon will be Celebrating!  by JT Herself Unless you have been living under a rock...Kate and Wills are married!  I have been fascinated with the details for the last few weeks and have followed the news carefully.  Who's the dress designer?  Who is attending?  What will the flowers look like?  I know, very girly, but fun nonetheless.  Many of my Twitter friends in Europe have tweeted their big plans for the day and I'll admit the green monster reared his head.  Not that I wish that I was there in person, I'm not a crowds kind of girl.  Mostly, I was bummed that the wedding was at 3am my time (Las Vegas, remember)!  Now, I am sure when Kate and Wills chose the date and time they did not consider us West Coasters, but I would have loved to have had a tea party to commemorate the occasion.  After watching the wedding this morning, DVR'd of course, with my cup of English Breakfast tea, I can say it was well worth the wait.  The dress, the music, the processional, the waving flags, the first kiss...it was all so fairytale like!  And I love a good fairytale!  I know...no fancy party, or tea, or gala.  But very simple.  So thank you to the royal family and congratulations to Prince William and Princess Katherine!  By the way, per Facebook my royal name is officially: Lady Geraldine Scooby of Chesson.

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  • Best Teapots on

    I enjoyed the royal in the same fashion as you. I loved the elegance of the whole affair. I am so excited for Prince William and Princess Catherine I wish them the best and congratulate them on true love.

  • Yvette on

    Very cute, JT! I am not much of a girly girl and I long ago gave up on fairy tales…but I like your enthusiasm. And I LOVE your royal name… LOL!

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