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Adios Oprah!

JT Herself oprah

[caption id="attachment_616" align="alignleft" width="152" caption="You shall be missed! "][/caption] Here's to you Oprah! by JT Herself I haven't been this saddened since Sex and the City aired their final show.  I was never an avid Oprah watcher.  I didn't DVR it or make sure I was in front of my TV when she was on.  But I always knew who was going to be on her show.  I would catch snippets here and there or watch an episode when I had a few minutes to myself.  So, what exactly makes me sad about it?  It's the end of an era and I plan on celebrating!  Wednesday, while Oprah's final bash is airing in homes across the US, I will be sipping on Oolong tea and chatting it up with my girlfriends at an Oprah farewell party.  Tea has had some memorable mentions on her show (Oprah gave tea away in her 2008 Favorite Things episode) and Oprah herself has given a lot of credit to Oolong tea for her weight loss efforts.  As we dine on a fine selection of Oprah's favorite foods and discuss our favorite Oprah moments, I will be pretending that Oprah is there with us.  Just one of the girls...who happens to be worth a bazillion dollars.  What's your favorite Oprah moment?

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  • Joni on

    Oprah is the best. So I appreciate this

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