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And the Anticipation Mounts!

JT Herself las vegas world tea expo

[caption id="attachment_645" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="World Tea Expo 2010"][/caption] World Tea Expo 2011 by JT Herself June is National Iced Tea Month, the beginning of summer (my favorite season) and I had a ton of family come into town to visit.  Truly, not much else could top my June 2011.  Just to solidify its' place in my "Awesome Months Hall of Fame", World Tea Expo 2011 will be held right here in Las Vegas June 24th-26th.  This will be our third year in attendance and each year seems to get better and better!  Hundreds of tea related vendors, organizations and resources all gather in one spot for three days of intensive tea talk and education. Joy's Teaspoon will be in attendance and are looking forward to tasting new teas, sampling new accessories and chatting it up with our tea friends that we've been  Tweeting with for a year!  Here's a little glimpse into what we expect to see at the EXPO: *Information on organic/bio-dynamic practices and sustainability in the tea world *Effects of social media on the tea industry *Working with the Millenial, Gen X and Baby Boomer generations *Tea tasting available on hundreds of tea blends *Sampling of teawares, teapots, steeping accessories, etc. *So much MORE!!!! Of course, we will be posting new information nightly to Joy's Jabberings, Facebook and Twitter to keep you posted on the latest news, views and information on the tea world.  Let us know ahead of time if there is something specific you are interested in and we will make every effort to get that information for you!

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