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World Tea EXPO 2011 - Day 2

JT Herself world tea expo

by JT Herself

In our public education system, teachers are constantly returning to school to learn how to become even better teachers.  It's no different in the tea world.  The World Tea Expo is a chance to recharge my batteries, get valuable industry information, taste new blends and learn more about their origins and histories, and educate myself on popular trends within the sipping community.  With the amount of caffeine I've consumed (started my day with a black tea from Sri Lanka), it shouldn't be hard to stay up studying!  That said, I think that the seminars that I have attended this year have been the most eye opening to date.  Real motivators, very thought provoking, and honest and open sharing of ideas and information. What does this mean for you, the tea connoisseur?  Access to popular tea trends/products first.  More information about your teas and spices.  Where are they from?  Who's making them?  How is your purchase supporting their economy?  From plantation to your cup, we will be striving to bring about more socially just sipping.  Along with that, will come the satisfaction of knowing that your family gathering, baby shower or afternoon with friends is not coming at a much higher cost than just the tea alone.  Products that make tea brewing simpler and more convenient which means less time over a kettle and more time with your cup. Who doesn't want to spend more time sipping? Tomorrow is the last day of the 2011 World Tea Expo!  So much more information to gather, pictures to take and products to sample.  Stay tuned...I'm on the prowl for a picture with Mr. James Norwood Pratt himself.  Let's see if I can successfully stalk him!

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