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World Tea Expo 2011 - Day 3

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Coming Down from our Caffeine High!  

by JT Herself World Tea Expo 2011 is over. 

And so is my caffeine euphoria.  Now the real work begins with tea in hand.  After sipping and swishing and exhaling...Joy's Teaspoon has uncovered a trove of new and exciting tea blends.  We will announce the teas as we receive our shipments...the first of which will be available in the next couple of days!  I don't want to completely give it away yet...but...it's black, you steep it in water and its' origin rhymes with Tree Tonka.  hmmmmmmm We didn't just search high and low for awesome teas either.  We had our minds blown by the latest in tea brewing gadgetry.  You want simple...we found simple!  One touch brewing and tea that can travel were the belle of the ball, and we asked her to dance!  As we sipped our way through the aisles, we found ourselves drawn to the people of Sri Lanka.  By partnering with a tea estate that takes ethical growing to a new level, we hope that our customers will truly appreciate the efforts being made to bring them delicious teas while making the world a better place (Cue: Michael Jackson's "Heal the World").  More news to come on this partnership, but we think you will be impressed and as excited as we are!  The World Tea Expo was "steeped" in passion and excitement for tea.  (I'll be here all week, folks!)  Maybe the most important resource we got out of the EXPO was knowledge.  Beyond being well informed about the teas and tea products themselves were the tools given to us to better serve our tea drinking community.  We think you will be impressed with the changes coming to Joy's Teaspoon in the coming months.  With the work we accomplished at World Tea EXPO 2011, Joy's Teaspoon will be a bigger, better, badder (and by badder we mean gooder) tea company!

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