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International Literacy Day

anchee min Girl in Translation international literacy day Jean Kwok Kazuo Ishiguro May-lee- Chai my lucky face Never Let Me Go pearl in china Rahul Saini Sarah the Tea Mistress Shikibu Murasaki Tale of Genji The Space Between Thirty Umrigar Those Small Little Things

Celebrating International Literacy Day!
Celebrating International Literacy Day!
by Sarah the Tea Mistress
September 8th was International Literacy Day.  Yeah, we know.  It's the 13th.  Needless to say our week got away from us but we still wanted to celebrate!    We have decided to look for great literature from the same places where we look for great tea.Since nothing goes better with a cup of good tea than a great book we hope you will see a title, brew a cup and celebrate literacy with an international flair. Must reads from Chinese authors: Pearl in China by Anchee Min A fictional story that incorporates China’s turbulent political history with the famous author Pearl S. Buck and a moving story with a powerful female heroine. My lucky Face by May-lee Chai This story of a modern woman relates to woman all over the world who have had to make major life decisions in a changing world.  Uplifting and engaging, this modern story promotes a view of China in a new world. Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok The story of immigration and the cultural experience of moving from Hong Kong to New York are beautifully explored in this book.  The unique story of a Chinese-American girl is educational and entertaining as much as it is honest and heartfelt. Must reads from Japanese authors: The Tale of Genji by Shikibu Murasaki A classic but a must read!  This is arguably the first and oldest novel ever written.  Many an artist has been inspired by this work of literature and we think you will be as well. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro This book has been made into a film though as usual the book is so much better!  This is an engaging story of relationships, life, and a strange secret.  A blend of science fiction and a world that seems familiar is the oddly perfect setting for this story. Must reads from Indian authors: The Space Between by Thirty Umrigar This story, set in modern day Bombay, is a story of class and gender and the special bond between two women from different worlds.  While this book touches on pertinent issues of social justice it does so with heart and relationships between two unsuspecting friends. Those Small Little Things by Rahul Saini This book is about the life of the author today and as a child.  The author moves back and forth between his complicated life today and the fun simplicity of life as a child.  He speaks to a more contemporary Indian youth experience in a fun, light manner.  No matter where you are from you will see something of your childhood in his vibrant stories.

Sip some tea and read through any one of these selections and celebrate our global community on

International Literacy Day!

And to all our smarty pants readers…who did we miss?  We would love to hear about other authors

from these regions!

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