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Carp Eyes Coming - Undaunted Courage

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Book: Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West by Stephen Ambrose Tea: Crannyberry Awesome Book Club: Carp Eyes Coming Undaunted Courage is 521 pages of interesting!  It is an undertaking and commitment to get through but one well worth it in the end. Using the journals and letters of Lewis and Jefferson primarily an amazing story is told through a first-person account.  The book takes the reader through the biography of the main players, the preparation for the journey, the journey itself and the aftermath.  Each phase in the story of westward expansion is a look into the time, location, and individual men who made impossible feats possible. Some of the most amazing stories within the book are the most mundane.  Jefferson and Lewis were both Virginian land owners.  Because the crops they grew were hard on the soil they were always interested in more land...looking west made them salivate over the farming prospects.  Imagine that!  Because they had to own so much land men like Jefferson and Lewis were often cash poor but land rich.  The book also mentioned that the German farmers in the north thought the southern farmers were wasteful and idiots. I love these looks into history.  The kind that takes a story from history and highlights real people making tough decisions, in real situations, in this case remarkable situations. I paired this book with Crannyberry brewed cold and hot (it was a long book).  I love this time a year when summer and fall duke it out.  One day it is warm and sunny, perfect outdoor reading with a cold glass of mildly fruity, smooth black tea.  The next day, it is cool and breezy and a great time for curling up in a favorite chair and sipping warm tea with a blend of sour and sweet.  Crannyberry is surprising and versatile with its cranberries, raspberries, and pomegranate as was Undaunted Courage with its combination of biography, history, and personal narrative.    

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