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Profiles in Sipping - LahikmaJoe

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In the spirit of #Movember, we asked some of our favorite men to answer a few pressing tea questions.  You know, give us a man's perspective while sawing something with one hand and brewing a good Lapsang Souchong with the other!  Truly, not just an ordinary man could handle such a task.  But what about a founding member of the Beasts of Brewdom?  So, we kick it off with Ken Macbeth Knowles, or as we lovingly know him, @Lahikmajoe! 1.            How didyou get hooked into the world of tea? My wife was a tea drinker and when we married, I began to brew her tea for her.  It started with a few sips and slowly I started sharing the whole pot with her.  2.            If your job was to encourage men to drink tea, what is the message you would put out there?  What's the benefit for men?  Not sure how it’s different than for women, but I like the way that tea both invigorates and calms me simultaneously.  When I like the taste of anything, I tend to drink it obsessively.  So it’s ideal that I can drink pot after pot with apparently only positive results.  3.            Do you remember the first tea you ever drank?  My mother drank a lot of bagged tea when I was a child, so I’d have to say Bigelow’s Constant Comment.  But if you mean loose-leaf tea, I’m pretty sure it was Formosa Choice Oolong.  I hold that tea partially responsible for this tea obsession.  4.            What's your old standyby?  As much as I love a delicate Darjeeling or a high mountain Oolong, I really can’t fathom a life without strong Assam.  Nearly every morning I start out with an Assam Mangalam.  5.            What's on the forefront?  What's new in the world of tea that has you excited?  While I often carry my tea in a flask (thermos) while on the go, I’ve been trying to devise a way to carry a Gaiwan while travelling.  Recently, a friend suggested carrying mine in a camera bag. I know that’s very self-centred, but I’m looking forward to Gong Fu brewing on the train.  6.            What do you consider the manliest part about drinking tea?  I’d go back to the both invigorating and calming aspects.  When I need to accomplish things, a pot of tea is the best sort of fuel.  Whether I show it online very often, the truth is that I can be rather hot headed.  Tea helps me temper that part of my personality. It’s a kind of organic anger management.    7.            Have you ever taken any heat for liking tea?    Definitely. The more common assumption is that one only drinks tea when ill.  On more than one occasion, I’ve had to assure my business partner or client that I felt quite well.  That I was drinking tea because I enjoy it.    8.    If you could dispel one tea myth, which one would it be?   That most of the caffeine is gone during the first steeping.  Not only is it untrue, but the misinformation is actually dangerous for those who shouldn’t be having caffeine. A huge thank you to Ken for sharing some deep tea thoughts and stay tuned for tomorrow's Sipping Profile, the gentlemen from Tea_Pain and DukeOEarl from The Tea Blag.  Shockingly, I don't think they offended me in any way with their answers.... Also, please do not forget our #Movember efforts and join us in the fight to change the face of men's health!  Visit our Movember.com page!  You can join our team, make a donation, pass on the information and find out more about men's health issues!

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  • The Lazy Literatus (Geoff) on

    Forgive me, I’m slow. Or as my mommy says, “Speshul.”

  • joysteaspoon on

    That made me snort out loud. You are a tea man afterall…make it easier for you?

  • The Lazy Literatus (Geoff) on

    Oh, THAT’S what the questions were for! I thought you wanted us to interview a tea man. Whoops.

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