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Martha Stewart or Clark Griswold?

almond cookie black tea blue beauty oolong chocolate pot de tea Genmaicha JT Herself kirimara white mulled wine red elephant Sencha spicy pear winter wonderland

[caption id="attachment_854" align="alignleft" width="275" caption="Obviously the Griswold's don't live here!"][/caption] Quiz: What Your Holiday Decorations Say About Your Tea Drinking Style by Sarah the Tea Mistress Answer these questions to find out what kind of tea to drink based on how you decorate for the holidays.  The questions and their results have been heavily researched by The New England Journal of That Lady you Just Met and Scientific Proof Magazine. Enjoy! 1. It is time to put up a tree, you: a. Gather up the family and head to the tree lot to find the perfect pine, maybe even to cut one down yourself. b. Head to the garage to unpack the tree from its box, and possibly spray pine scented febreze. c. By tree you mean Menorah, right? d. Tree? 2. To light the night in a festive way you: a. Cover your abode in an impressive light display that includes deer that move in a life-like way, a flying Santa and a hefty electric bill. b. Put up a few lights, maybe outline the roof with some icicle lights.  You're no candy cane lane but it looks nice. c. One more light for eight crazy nights, thank goodness for that impressive oil. d. There are street lights on my street for a reason. 3. There are places to go and people to feed this season.  You bring: a. Home-made fruitcake perfectly accented with a light dusting of powdered sugar. b. Cookies because they are classic and I can make them or buy them. c. Something fried in oil to remember that impressive oil. d. Sweets are a sometimes food, I enjoy bruschetta.  And wine! 4. "Deck the Halls" means: a. In September design a color scheme, October & November identify and acquire materials, December install. b. Red and green is tried and true and I already have a tablecloth to match the wreath I hang. c. Blue and Silver baby! d. Is that a card game? 5. You've just received a baked treat from your neighbor, immediately you: a.  Grab that extra gift basket you made for just this occasion.  That holiday training has really paid off. b. Send a little thank you note. c. Invite them over for a festive game of dradle and a chance to win back their goodies. d. Mow the lawn.   So add up how many of each letter you chose.  Now look below and read the description for the letter you chose the most of.  If you were really close between two different letters you may be a mix of the two categories...or you may be lying to yourself :) Mostly A's:  Okay Martha Stewart you may need to chill a little.  Holidays are great and you clearly get a kick out of them but don't forget to relax and enjoy this holiday season.  To keep up your energy try a strong black tea.  Especially at the holidays, consider a tea like Chocolat Pot de Tea.  The smoothness of the black tea will give you a reason to stop and relax, while the chocolate is a tasty and festive treat.  Are you hosting this holiday?  Just kidding, of course you are!  Try Winter Wonderland for both the smell and taste of the holidays.  It is the perfect sipping tea and brewing it will make your house smell just right, and we know you like things to be just right! Mostly B's: It seems like you enjoy the holidays but keep it real.  Don't let your practical nature keep you from enjoying the tastes and events of the season.  Try a nice Tisane, simple but tasty.  Around the holidays your best best is Mulled Wine or Almond Cookie.  Both are traditional flavors that will help you savor the time of year without the craziness.  Need a little caffeine boost to keep you in the holiday mood?  We like Blue Beauty Oolong as well.  With its simple additions of licorice and ginseng you will feel invigorated and festive, able to face any Mostly A's that come your way. Mostly C's: Shalom my Jewish friends!  Hanukkah can be a series of eight crazy and festive nights.  To partner with the traditionally oily foods like latkes, try a bright green tea like a Sencha or Genmaicha.  The grassy green tea will help cut the heaviness of the richer foods.  Like to watch as the candles melt? Sipping a smooth Spicy Pear is a great way to sit and reflect on the great miracle.  No matter what tea you sip keep it away from your pot, it would be terrible to lose it to someone who spins a Gimmel. Mostly D's: Maybe you keep the holidays light or you just do not do the this whole holiday thing.  Luckily tea is something that can be enjoyed all year round.  Also, be nice to your neighbors.  No matter what you are into, the cool winter months are made better with a warm cup of tea.  Sip a Kenyan tea like Red Elephant or Kirimara White to make a chilly winter day feel like something truly special. Please tell us what letter you got and what tea you like to drink!

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