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Another Holiday Invite??

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Give What You Love, Love What You Give: Host/Hostess

by Sarah the Tea Mistress

Once or twice in my life I have been called a "good gift-giver".  This may not always be true depending on who you talk to (like my husband who learned the hard way that I should not be allowed to pick out televisions) but I try!  The trick to being a good gift giver is to give people you love, things that you love. With the holidays upon us the invitations are starting to roll in for gatherings and get-togethers. And yes, I am this popular.  While I love getting together with friends and family it can get overwhelming to think about and purchase hostess/host gifts with each invite.  But if I follow my own gift giving rule, it becomes easy and inexpensive to give a unique appreciation gift to those who open their homes to me. I love tea, (insert sound of sarcastic shock here) so why not share what I love with someone who has probably worked all day to prepare their home and food to keep their friends and family entertained.  The gift of tea to a host/hostess is a nice way to say thanks for your hard work, now relax. I am listing these from least expensive to most expensive:

  1. Fill a few brew bags with your favorite teas.  Add to the bags a small written tag that explains how to brew the tea and maybe a short blurb about how you prefer to drink it: sweetened or non sweetened, with milk or without, bag left in or bag removed.  You can put the tea bags in a small container or a tea cup/mug.   You might even consider adding a "Dishes" coupon to help clean up while your host sips and relaxes.
  2. Try a cinco or ocho sampler pack.  You can give the whole pack as one gift or break it up into smaller gifts.  Give a few or all samples and a few tea steeping bags in the nice box the sampler comes in or in a bag, cup, or mug.
  3. Joy's Teaspoon also offers an easy to use tea brewing pot called the Timolino Ingeni Teamaker. Paired with your favorite tea or tisane, this promises to be a gift your hostess can use for future events! 
Whether it is do-it-yourself or click-and-order- it-yourself, your host/hostess will love getting something you love.  It also keeps them from having to keep the plant alive until you visit again, gaining weight from those lovely but fattening homemade goodies, or chugging/re-gifting the wine.

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