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The Tea I Almost Passed On

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by Naomi Rosen 

Our friends over at Teaity posed an interesting question back a couple of weeks ago via their Facebook page.  "What tea did you formerly hate, but now love?"  I thought it was such a great question and I immediately had fond memories of tea experiences.  The tea I formerly hated, but now love is.....wait for it.....oolong.

My tea cabinet, which is currently busting at the seams with oolongs, would lead many to believe that I had a small obsession with this particular type of tea.  So how did I turn the corner with oolongs? Back in 2005, when I first started drinking tea, and specifically loose leaf, I was an avid flavored, black tea drinker.  The fruitier, the better.  I popped into my favorite tea store in Chicago and purchased an Orchid Oolong blend.  I thought I was so sophisticated and I had no idea what an oolong was, but I loved the name and wanted to jump right into the tea scene with two feet.  It was the most disgusting thing I had ever drank.

Nowadays, I am well aware of the fact that I don't like floral teas.  Jasmine is about as botanical as I am willing to go.  I'm not a huge fan of chamomile, lavender, etc.  I also let that tea steep for 6 minutes and it was extremely bitter.  Had I to do it all over, I am sure I would appreciate the cup much more now, however, at the time I thought this was how all oolongs tasted. Fast forward two precious years of non-oolong drinking.  I was invited to visit an awesome little Victorian tea room in La Mesa, CA, and I had the chance to try a roasted oolong.  My eyeballs bulged, my mouth salivated.  I had no idea oolongs could be so flavorful.   I learned a really important lesson that day.  Never judge an entire group of teas based on just one cup!  I was so sad to realize that I had squandered two years of my tea drinking life by avoiding oolongs at all cost.  I have since used that lesson to delve into puerhs.  Those first few experiences have not been totally enjoyable but I am working on it. Now tell me...what's the one tea you swore off that has since become your favorite???

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