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Iced Tea Ideas

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by Audrea Fink


June is National Iced Tea month and possibly one of my favorite times for tea. I’m not a big soda or juice drinker and water gets boring after awhile so when the mercury starts rising, my tea gets an icing. Not only is iced tea super easy to make, it’s also good with just about everything summer time! It’s perfect for backyard barbecues and poolside sunbathing, but you can also add a little adult beverage and have a refreshing summertime cocktail for those warm summer nights. To help you get started with your ice, ice brewing, I’ve compiled a couple of tips. Favorite teas to ice: At one point, I tried icing every tea I had and came up with some favorites.

  • Moroccan Mint – is hands down the most refreshing tea iced. It is iced perfection.
  • Rift Valley Green – makes a great iced green tea. It’s simple, clean and revitalizing.
  • Harambee Black – makes the perfect iced tea, just the way mom made it.
  • If you’re in the mood for something sweet and fruity without adding sugar you should try Emperor’s 7 Treasures. It’s got a touch of sweetness but won’t overload your taste buds.
  • Enchanted Forest is fun in a cup! It's a party in your mouth with coconut and almond flavors, and the green tea and green mate perk you right up. 
Cold Brewing and Accessories: I personally prefer to cold brew my iced tea. When you cold brew all you have to do is stick your tea and water in the fridge and come back when you remember it. The beauty of a cold brew is even if you forget about it, the flavor doesn’t get bitter. The downside is that it takes longer.
  • To cold brew, I use a cold brewer but any pitcher will work. You can brew it loose or put your tea in a tea filter, add the tea and cold water to the pitcher and stick it in the fridge for 4-8 hours.
  • For faster tea with a little more effort, brew it hot (make it a little stronger than normal) and pour it over ice.
Additional Iced Tidbits: Just a few little notes to “leaf” you with.

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  • Geoff (Steep Stories) on

    “When the mercury starts rising, my tea starts icing.”

    Put that on a t-shirt. Stat.

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