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Well Hello There 2014

chicken farming JT Herself

by Naomi Rosen

It seems like I always start the year with the best of blogging intentions, and then October hits and it's all downhill from there.  One would think I might try to work in advance, but that's just crazy talk!  So, standing with tradition, I will strongly start this year blogging! Over the last few weeks, in an attempt to break a lame habit, I've been trying to do some brainstorming and planning for the year and have found that I have so many other topics that I enjoy writing about and never put to "keyboard".  Executive decision time...I will start blogging about all sorts of topics, both tea and non-tea related!  Topic #1... Why I Would Make An Excellent Chicken Farmer...

  1. I've seen Chicken Run like 20 times.  I know to separate the chickens with glasses from the rest of the gaggle (I should probably look up what a group of chickens is called). I won't leave the parts for an airplane laying around either.  Lastly, I have mean British accent.
  2. I like rubber boots.
  3. There are no chicken farms here in Las Vegas.  Well, at least none that I know of yet.  If there are, pass on the info!  There are hobbyists, and a few that do it for the eggs, but none that sell pasture raised chicken meat.
  4. I think they are super cute.  Especially the ones with the super furry feet and feathers that look like hats!  (See Silkie pic above.)
  5. We have a ton of bugs in our backyard because my family and I are attempting to become Master Desert Gardeners.  I think the chickens would think it was a like Strip buffet out there!
  6. I'm really good with pets.  We have a dog and a Beta.  How much more work could chickens be?
The only problem I see with this plan is that I don't really want to be the one that slaughters.  It's messy and stinks.  So, I'm thinking I'll find someone that I can bring on that doesn't mind the messy, stinky parts.  If I can't fill the time with chickens, they can always supplement hours by babysitting my boys.  They're messy and stinky so it's kind of the same thing. That's it.  I can't think of a single thing that could go wrong.  I'm off to start building a coop!

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