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Change Our Steep Times?

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by Naomi Rosen

I love getting feedback from customers.  Especially when the comment or question prompts me to want to write about it.  In this case, I received an email from a regular customer recommending that I change the steep time on one of our teas as he had found that our suggested steep time was a little too strong.  I love it!  A customer that took the time to give me some insight into his experience!  A customer that is experimenting with his tea! So keep the feedback coming.  I enjoy it all...the good, the bitter, and the totally not tea-related!  (Note: The thoughts below are specific to Joy's Teaspoons teas and may not represent every tea on the market!)

  • Steep times listed on on our packaging come from one of two sources...the grower or the blender.  It is my assumption that every grower/blender is going to provide me with information that will maximize the flavor of their particular tea(s).  I taste the teas at multiple stages: as a sample, upon receipt of shipment, and anytime I re-order or there is a new flush.  In most cases, I use the steeping specifications that are provided to me.  I will, on occasion, change the times if I really feel that it is off.  Case in point, I have a Kenyan tea that was so strong it made my mouth pucker when I followed the specifications that were sent my way.  So I readjusted those specs when placing the tea on the site to fit what I felt was a more enjoyable flavor profile.
  • It is my firm belief that those steep times are simply a jumping off point for negotiations!  All of us have to start tea drinking somewhere and my goal is to give newer tea drinkers a comfortable place to start from.  Suggestions regarding temperature, time, tea quantity, etc., are simply to make the process as simple as possible at the start so that new tea drinkers can enjoy their first few experiences.  That said, once you've got a few cups under your pot, I fully expect each of you to take the liberty of brewing these teas to fit whatever makes your taste buds the happiest!
So do a little experimenting with those teas and tell me about it!

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  • Jen S. on

    In general, with my black teas, I prefer to steep them much longer than most people! I’m still learning with other teas!

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