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Steeping/Infusing Your Tea Leaves More Than Once

by Naomi Rosen

I drank tea in high school.  What up Bigelow Constant Comment!  On occasion, I would get even lazier and attempt to pour boiling water over those same tea leaves a second time and always came up with a dreary, fairly tasteless hot cup of semi-brown water.  Thank goodness for Chicago showing me the error of my ways! When I was introduced to loose leaf tea, I discovered that tea could be so much more flavorful! My only qualm was that loose leaf tea was a bit pricier than the bagged stuff, and I began drinking less tea so that I wouldn't go through my stash so quickly.  One day, while catching up on the news (Insert: People.com), I saw a ticker ad that mentioned something about re-steeping your tea.  Intrigued, I googled "Can you resteep loose leaf tea?" and I was ecstatic to find that good tea could be re-steeped multiple times. Thus began my real steeping adventures.

So next time you are thinking that that bagged tea in the grocery store costs a lot less...keep in mind that quality loose leaf teas are comparable in price, and sometimes cheaper, especially if you are oolong and puerh fans! Are you a "re-steeper"? Which teas do you find are the most flavorful to re-steep?

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  • Louise Carruth on

    Thanks for the info, Naomi. I love re-steeping my teas, and my customers are always amazed when I explain it to them!

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