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Tea Bloggers Roundtable 2015

blogging tea bloggers roundtable world tea expo

by Naomi Rosen


For those of you that have followed Joy's Teaspoon and myself for a few years now, you know that late Spring/early Summer is super exciting for me. World Tea Expo comes around and I'm like a kid on Christmas. This year is no exception. World Tea Expo gives me the opportunity to accomplish an insane amount of work in about 3 days. I make new friends, catch up with the old ones, drink tea, order tea, attend educational seminars and presentations, talk tea, drink tea, brainstorm blog postings, meet with US tea growers...and did I mention I drink tea? As I have in years past, I will be a part of the Tea Bloggers Roundtable panel and I am excited to have an opportunity to speak with fellow tea bloggers. We discuss anything from blogging schedules, to creating topics, to traffic analysis, to partnering with other businesses and bloggers. It's a fine collection of professionals and I wish that something like this had been around when I first started.

It's an exciting time to be in the tea industry. Americans are falling in love with the leaf all over again, tea is being grown in the US, tea culture is spreading rapidly, and I have great tea in my cup daily. I'm excited about this years panel and need your help! I would love to bring a list of topics that you, the tea drinker, are interested in reading about! Shoot me a note. Reply to this post. We want to know!

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