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US League of Tea Growers Round-up 2015

tea growers roundup US grown tea US League of Tea Growers

by Naomi Rosen

Maybe I was in the right place at the right time, or maybe it's because I'm willing to work for nothing, but I am the very proud Social Media Coordinator for the US League of Tea Growers. I love this passionate group of people and am excited to see where US grown tea goes over the next decade or two. In another fantastic first for the league, February 19th-22nd marked the first US Tea Growers Round-up and included visits with tea growers in Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The crowd was eclectic and included growers, educators, retailers, and enthusiasts. If you, like me, are fascinated by the birth of a tea growing region, you can catch a summary all of the happenings on the USLTG blog or catch a photo recap on their Facebook page. The first leg of the trip, Texas, is already detailed on the blog, and there are three more installments to come! I will continue to keep updating you on US Tea as more and more growers join the ranks! Have you tried US grown tea yet? Where was it from and how did you like it?

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