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When Sick, Herbal Tea is Acceptable...Maybe.

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by Audrea Fink (@earlsteeper)

I have a confession to make. I have been drinking herbal tea lately, bagged no less. I realize I've been pretty anti-herbal in the past and it's still not my favorite drink, but the past few days, it's really been helpful. I should also admit this all began because I got the flu. I had an upset stomach, fever and body aches. I wanted something comforting, but mellow. I happened to have some fresh ginger in the house and decided to steep it in hot water for about 10 minutes. (Let's be honest, I was sick so I made my boyfriend do the heavy ginger lifting.) I was surprised how helpful it was. It was warm and soothing and it mellowed out my stomach. I stepped up my herbal game by adding some fresh squeezed lemon to the ginger concoction. Fresh ginger and lemon acted as the gateway drug to herbal tea. Lock up your kids and your wives. Fresh ginger will turn anyone! Once I was back at the office, a coworker gave me a bag of ginger tea. It was a lot easier than cutting up ginger (obviously this is a sign of my laziness now that I was short a man servant) and it was pretty effective. The ginger tea wasn't as tasty as the fresh ginger though so I added a bag of lemon mint tea. All together, I could handle that flavor and I've been drinking it all week. It was warm and soothing, but no caffeine to whack out my already confused body. Now that I'm over the last of the flu I'm definitely back to my old ways - loose leaf, oolong, earl grey, etc. I never tire of a good cuppa. It warms you up on a cold, rainy day. It picks you up in the afternoon after lunch.

Overall, Cup of Brown Joy still encompasses how I feel about about tea in my life. However, it was nice to get a couple of tisanes I can stand to drink for when I need more comfort and less caffeine.  Because if you're tired of tea, then you're tired of life!

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  • Geoff (Steep Stories) on

    Great post, Audrea. My brother steeped fresh ginger for us once, and it was fantastic. Way better than dried ginger – sweeter, even. There are good herbals out there.

    Next time you’re taking the flu-train, look for some good ol’ Greek Mountain. Heck, even steep that with the ginger.

  • Robert Godden (The Devotea) on

    No, bags are never acceptable. No matter how ill you are. In fact, even more so when you are ill. You need to serve as an inspiration, not fall into line with the masses.

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