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Joy's Jabberings — Bad Romance

Bad Romance - Ride the Tea Train

Bad Romance mangalam assam Sarah the Tea Mistress

When he caught site of the woman from the train staring at him he nervously turned again and tripped over his suitcase, once again hitting the floor with a thud. Why couldn’t her stay on his feet around this woman?

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The Love Lab

Bad Romance Sarah the Tea Mistress summer sunrise

[caption id="attachment_376" align="alignleft" width="189" caption="Experimenting with Love Potion #9 perhaps? "][/caption] by Sarah the Tea Mistress Janine leaned over Melanie’s limp body and tried to will her to wake up.  After the blast in the lab Janine could swear she saw her life flash before her eyes.  Yet, here she was with just a few bruises and scratches and Melanie was now lying in this hospital bed stable but still sleeping.  How could it be that just this morning they were standing over a Bunsen burner and now they were here in the hospital?  One sterile room to another. As Janine sat next to...

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Tea in the City

Bad Romance Sarah the Tea Mistress

by Sarah the Tea Mistress Melissa grabbed her bag as she ran out of her tiny loft apartment.  She had to be at work in 2 hours and that only gave her a small window for a very important meeting.  She ran north up the busy streets of Chicago until she hit The Art Institute of Chicago.  Every Wednesday she made a stop at the museum for a very important rendezvous with a special man, the Old Blue Guitarist by Pablo Picasso.  She was an aspiring musician and this work spoke to her soul and inspired her music and life. ...

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Bad Romance - Thar's Plenty o' Tea in the Sea

Bad Romance camelia sinensis Sarah the Tea Mistress

[caption id="attachment_367" align="alignleft" width="238" caption="Tar Matey...who steeps thar? "][/caption] by Sarah the Tea Mistress High atop the crow’s nest, Captain L.B. Franks, or Longbeard as his friends call him, looked down at the sea below and slowly sipped a cup of hot tea.  Longbeard knew that as captain of a ship, especially the captain of a pirate ship, he had to be the manliest of men. He also knew he had to have a little time to himself to think.  This last trip had been especially hard on him and his crew and nothing could ease his weary bones like...

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Bad Romance - Tea Whispers

Bad Romance Sarah the Tea Mistress spicy pear

Foreword by JT Herself Valentine's Day brings out the sappy, romantic in all of us.  Especially those of us that read those trashy novels with the ridiculously oiled up muscle men covers, gratuitous love scenes and complicated plotlines (Insert sarcasm here)!  Not to be outdone, Joy's Teaspoon has opted to create some fantastic stories of our own to ring in Valentine's Day of 2011!  One new story a day ...I expect Harlequin to come knocking any moment now!  enJOY! Tea Whispers by Sarah the Tea Mistress “Shhhhh!” Andrew hissed at the group of rowdy misfits who had hunkered down in the stacks...

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