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Joy's Jabberings — darjeeling

Sipping Profiles - Jessica Fletcher

assam darjeeling English Breakfast jessica fletcher Sipping Profile

Subject: Jessica Fletcher Role: Widowed Literature Teacher/ Mystery Writer/ Part-Time Accidental Sleuth Typical Tea Drinking Habits: A pot of tea, a tea cozy and the bumbling sheriff who just needs to talk things out. What we can learn from his/her sipping habits:  Jessica Fletcher may be one of the most dangerous tea guests. Murder seems to follow her no matter where she goes.  But, when it comes to tea this lady really knows her stuff.  Jessica Fletcher knew that when writing a good book, or reading one, tea was far superior to coffee.  When her nerves needed calming nothing was better than...

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Joy's Teaspoon Book Club

carp eyes coming Carp Eyes Coming - JT's Official BookClub darjeeling death by darjeeling glenburn darjeeling second flush laura childs mahalo pina colada

 Carp Eyes Coming - Official book club of Joy’s Teaspoon Finish this statement: teas are to books as peanut butter is to ____________.  If you said anything other than jelly, bananas, or chocolate you are dead to me. We all know that nothing is better than a little time spent with a good book and a great cup of tea from Joy’s Teaspoon.  Of course everyone is busy and it can be a challenge to find a good book club so Joy’s Teaspoon has created the best possible book club, but of course there are rules that must be followed. ...

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