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Kombucha: is it tea? Is it safe? Is it going to kill me in my sleep?

audrea fink ExperimenTEA kombucha tea

by Audrea Fink Recently, I have been making Kombucha; a fermented tea drink. I was told by my naturopath that I should increase my consumption of matcha, herbal tea and kombucha. So, like every other average American, I'm only following through on 1 of the 3 recommendations. As I've said before, I think herbal tea & matcha are for the birds, yo. I don't know why I thought that if I didn't like matcha or herbal tea, that I would like fermented tea. I do like the idea of fermentation and adding probiotics to my diet and I am a big fan...

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Tea Journaling

dry leaf ExperimenTEA Focused Tasting Joy's Teaspoon Reviews JT Herself liquor color Sipping Profile tea aroma tea journal tea journaling wet leaf

I wouldn't say that I'm the J.K. Rowling of tea journalling, but it has definitely become a healthy habit for me over the past couple of years. If you have a wicked tea habit, I highly suggest that you journal.

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1,2,3...No, This is Not a Britney Song

darjeelings ExperimenTEA JT Herself loose leaf tea puerh steep times tea

Puerhs - I've had puerhs that were steeped up to 18 times! No joke. That's 18, as in the legal voting age.

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Confessions of a Former Tea Snob

ExperimenTEA frosted Robin gold leaf spice & teas Joy's Teaspoon News JT Herself samovar tea lounge tea in Washington D.C. tea snob tea travel tea travel kit

I mean, when I traveled, I was the snob that packed my own tea. I'm not anti teabag. I'm anti crap tea and more often than not I had a hard time finding decent tea.

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Tea Sheeples

Bigelow's Constant Comment ExperimenTEA Joy's Teaspoon News JT Herself tea education

I was really set back by one persons take on the situation: "When an industry has to educate its customers to enjoy the product you know it's in trouble." Wait, what? Did this guy just say that? In public? For others to read?

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