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Joy's Jabberings — geoff norman

We Got Tagged!

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By Naomi and Audrea Before the craziness of the holidays, I was trolling through some of my favorite bloggers and catching up on 2 weeks worth of reading that I had missed.  It's a busy time of year and I lag with the blogging in November and December.  I noticed that a few of my friends had been "tagged" and I was green with envy.  And then I got a notice on Facebook that Audrea and I had been tagged by Geoff of Steep Stories and I jumped for joy!  I eat this stuff up!  So here goes...Audrea and I...

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Still Riding the Tea-Beer Train

Dogfish Head Sah'tea geoff norman Joy's Teaspoon News Joy's Teaspoon Reviews lazy_literatus tea beer widmer spiced IPA

This stuff was strong with a capital “BICEP”. The forefront of the golden brew was hoppy as heck – a placeholder for all IPAs – but possessed a spicy underpinning throughout. It was difficult to pinpoint what spices came to the fold first, so I’ll just go with “allspice” as a general mouthfeel. It tapered off nice and bitterly, as it should.

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Bartender, There's Tea In My Beer!

baird brewing Dogfish Head Sah'tea ExperimenTEA geoff norman gilgamesh brewing Japanese Sencha IPA Joy's Teaspoon News Joy's Teaspoon Reviews lazy literatus mamba stone brewing tea beer Widmer

A chance perusal of a Whole Foods brought me in contact with another tea beer, challenging that conclusion. Stone Brewing (out of San Diego) and Baird Brewing (out of Shizuoka prefecture, Japan) released a Japanese sencha IPA. And – I’ll be damned – it tasted like an IPA by way of green tea, hoppy and leafy. Two out of three successes so far, not bad odds.

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