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Joy's Jabberings — japanese cherry

My Favorite Tea

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I first fell in love with tea in a little shop called Todd & Holland Tea Merchants located in Forest Park, IL. I was visiting my sister who had just moved to Chicago and had no idea what loose leaf tea was all about. After a green tea tasting event with Bill Todd, I was hooked. Japanese Cherry was one of four teas that I purchased that day and have coveted ever since.

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National Iced Tea Month

cold brew japanese cherry JT Herself national iced tea month Pina Colada reusable ice cubes schnozberry Sweet Sin tea filters

As if I needed one more reason to enjoy June, it is National Iced Tea Month!

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Want to Live in a Teacup?

japanese cherry lemon zest paint plum crazy Sarah the Tea Mistress tea decor

by Sarah the Tea Mistress One of the most exciting things about brewing a new tea is watching the color develop as the tea brews.  The colors of tea are so brilliant and rich, inspirational even.  As I was sipping Lemon Zest one day, and peering into my cup I thought, “hmmm, I really like that color!”  And so what started as a simple and routine cup of tea has turned into an interior design obsession.  Those bright and saturated colors could be the perfect color story for an entire room or wall.  Here's a few ideas that I had...

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