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Tea of the Month: August 2017

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August's Tea of the Month is our ever popular Lemon Zest. It's one of our most versatile teas...it's great hot, it's refreshing iced, it's creamy and smooth as a latte, it's not overpowering with the lemon, and it's caffeine free which makes it a prime pick for an evening tea or dessert drink.  As with all of our Tea of the Month selections, it's 20% off any size and no code is necessary. The discount is taken off right away!    Happy sipping! 

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Who Knew It Could Happen Twice?

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World Tea EXPO has asked me to come back. And not just for one session...but two!

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Teany, The Amazing NV Tea Plant

#teaacrossamerica Elyse Peterson FiLoLi Farms Jason McDonald Joy's Teaspoon News JT Herself Tealet US grown tea

I got a note from him a few weeks back that he had sent a little thank you gift with Elyse Peterson (Tealet) who was making her way from MS to Las Vegas. Imagine my joy when she handed me this beautiful little tea bush, whom I've lovingly named Teany!

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Sourcing Sustainable Teas

Joy's Teaspoon News JT Herself sourcing Tching

I recently wrote something that I think is the beginning of Joy's Teaspoon's environmental policy, and specifically pertained to sourcing of our teas, spices and herbs. I would love your feedback, either here or on TChing!

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Creation of a Tea Garden: In The Beginning

Great Mississippi Tea Company Jason McDonald Joy's Teaspoon News JT Herself US grown tea US League of Tea Growers USLTG

This is such an exciting time for tea growth in the United States, both agriculturally and culturally.

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