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Joy's Jabberings — Lady Gaga

Sipping Profiles - Lady GaGa

joy's teaspoon joysteaspoon.com Lady Gaga Sipping Profile

Subject: Lady Gaga Role: Singer/Song writer/Performer/Fame Monster Typical Tea Drinking Habits: Reportedly owns a plethura of vintage cup/saucer tea sets; like ginger teas; has an impressive poker face What we can learn from his/her sipping habits:  "Let's have some fun, this tea is sick.  I think it could use a little honey stick."  Lady Gaga is a popular performer and singer and quickly becoming the Madonna of her generation.  While we cannot all wear meat, and are likely not in need of any Bad Romance or Love Games, we can sip like her.  Lady Gaga drinks tea to help soothe her strained...

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