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Joy's Jabberings — loose leaf tea

When Sick, Herbal Tea is Acceptable...Maybe.

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by Audrea Fink (@earlsteeper) I have a confession to make. I have been drinking herbal tea lately, bagged no less. I realize I've been pretty anti-herbal in the past and it's still not my favorite drink, but the past few days, it's really been helpful. I should also admit this all began because I got the flu. I had an upset stomach, fever and body aches. I wanted something comforting, but mellow. I happened to have some fresh ginger in the house and decided to steep it in hot water for about 10 minutes. (Let's be honest, I was sick so I made...

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Welcome to Joy's Teaspoon

#blogging101 introduction joy's teaspoon loose leaf tea Naomi Rosen

Homework assignment #1: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

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1,2,3...No, This is Not a Britney Song

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Puerhs - I've had puerhs that were steeped up to 18 times! No joke. That's 18, as in the legal voting age.

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Sippin' in San Diego

daily grind frosted robin cupcakes JT Herself loose leaf tea san diego

Loose Leaf Teas are Popping up Everywhere!  by JT Herself San Diego is serving up lots of loose leaf tea.  No joke!  I grew up there so I should know.  When I moved to Las Vegas with my family a couple of years ago, you could find loose leaf at the tea houses and a handful of restaurants.  On a recen trip out to SD for a long weekend, I was shocked at the loose leaf options I had while I was there.  And...it was good tea too!  First stop was The Daily Grind in Rolando Village, a cute little breakfast shop near...

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Attn: Joy's Teaspoon Men

joy's teaspoon joysteaspoon.com JT Herself loose leaf tea tea valentine's day what women want zoe foster

To our Joy's Teaspoon men in this world...this one is for you.  And just in time for Valentine's Day too!  It's not about expensive dinners, theater tickets, flowers or chocolates (although those really are, in fact, a great idea).  I have finally located the answer to the age old question: What do women really want?  No joke!  I found it.  You can thank me later!  Well, I suppose you should thank Australia's very own Zoe Foster!  She's shedding the light on this and many other topics at zoefoster.au or on Twitter at @zotheysay!      All Women Really Want is a F*$%ing Cup of Tea!...

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