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Joy's Jabberings — national hot tea month

Party Like It's Hot Tea Month

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10 Tea Party Ideas to Promote National Hot Tea Month by JT Herself A few days back, we posted an excellent article giving 13 ways to celebrate National Hot Tea Month.  I enjoyed reading how many of you plan to celebrate such a tasty occassion!  The very first idea listed was to "Host or attend a tea party!"  Don't get me wrong.  I love a good old Victorian style tea party every once in a while.  Hats, gloves, pinkies up...it's fun to pretend to be proper for a few hours.  However, celebrating Hot Tea Month definitely does not need to be that...

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Happy Hot Tea Month

joy's teaspoon joysteaspoon.com JT Herself national hot tea month

[caption id="attachment_271" align="alignleft" width="195" caption="Celebrating National Hot Tea Month in 2011! "][/caption] Celebrating National Hot Tea Month by JT Herself Yet one more reason to love this grand country of ours - January is National Hot Tea Month!  National Hot Tea Month, aptly celebrated in January, is a month of expanding your tastebuds and knowledge about the world of tea!  Loose leaf, teabags, matcha, herbal...it truly makes no difference to us!  All we ask is that you take this time to reflect and celebrate.  Below are a handful of suggestions and ideas to help kick off the month.  Hope your stove, electric kettles,...

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