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Joy's Jabberings — Sarah the Tea Mistress

New Employee Alert!

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We've added a new employee! Raphael (answers to Rafa), weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces at birth, and he is hands down our smallest and sweetest employee!

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Another Holiday Invite??

Cinco Sampler cinco sampler pack gift ideas Give what you LOVE host hostess Ocho Sampler ocho sampler pack Sarah the Tea Mistress Tea 101 tea 101 gift set Tree and Tea Gift set

The trick to being a good gift giver is to give people you love, things that you love.

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Tips for a Stress Free, Tea Filled Holiday Season

holiday party planning joy's teaspoon Sarah the Tea Mistress

I love fall but it never seems to last long enough. I love Christmas carols but hate when they start playing during Halloween. I love the holidays in general but hate feeling stressed and rushed.Of course if tea has taught us anything, it is that simple can be amazing. The easiest way to keep the holidays stress free is to keep them simple.

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International Literacy Day

anchee min Girl in Translation international literacy day Jean Kwok Kazuo Ishiguro May-lee- Chai my lucky face Never Let Me Go pearl in china Rahul Saini Sarah the Tea Mistress Shikibu Murasaki Tale of Genji The Space Between Thirty Umrigar Those Small Little Things

We have decided to look for great literature from the same places where we look for great tea.

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Cups, and pots, and toys, OH MY!

Sarah the Tea Mistress

Entry to the Wonderful Land of Oz   Today I entered the land of Oz, also known as the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, IL.  What an exciting wonderland of gadgets and gizmos and doohickeys.  I was there to scope out new and exciting tea and spice accessories.  As you can imagine in a football field sized hall, there were quite a few finds to unearth.   Color, color, color!  There are some really beautiful colors coming out this season.  Bright saturated hues and jewel tones were everywhere!  Cups and teapots of all shapes and sizes in these stunning bright...

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