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Joy's Jabberings — Sipping Profile

Tea Journaling

dry leaf ExperimenTEA Focused Tasting Joy's Teaspoon Reviews JT Herself liquor color Sipping Profile tea aroma tea journal tea journaling wet leaf

I wouldn't say that I'm the J.K. Rowling of tea journalling, but it has definitely become a healthy habit for me over the past couple of years. If you have a wicked tea habit, I highly suggest that you journal.

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Profiles in Sipping - James Norwood Pratt

James Norwood Pratt manly tea drinking New Tea Lover's Treasury Sipping Profile The Meaning of Tea The Ultimate Tea Lover's Treasury

I owed my Publisher another book and by the time she was ready to collect I was being forced to drink tons of wine every week. I turned to tea in self defense. I needed a few hours of sobriety in a week.

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Profiles in Sipping - LahikmaJoe

beasts of brewdom DukeOEarl gaiwan lahikmajoe manly tea Sipping Profile Tea_Pain the tea blag

In the spirit of #Movember, we asked some of our favorite men to answer a few pressing tea questions.  You know, give us a man's perspective while sawing something with one hand and brewing a good Lapsang Souchong with the other!  Truly, not just an ordinary man could handle such a task.  But what about a founding member of the Beasts of Brewdom?  So, we kick it off with Ken Macbeth Knowles, or as we lovingly know him, @Lahikmajoe! 1.            How didyou get hooked into the world of tea? My wife was a tea drinker and when we married, I began to brew...

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Profiles in Sipping - President Barack Obama

Sipping Profile

Running a country can make anyone thristy!   Profiles in Sipping - President Barack Obama Role: President of the United States of America   Typical Tea Drinking Habits: Iced tea while spending time with family and running a country What we can learn from his/her sipping habits: Barack Obama is a busy guy who clearly knows the positive health effects tea can have on the body. Recently the New York Times shared that Obama likes Black Forest Berry and Green Dragon by Honest Tea. The tea he favors is organic and fair trade. Seems like you can never be too...

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Sipping Profiles - Henrietta "Hetty" Lange

henrietta "hetty" lange kenilworth managlam assam ncis los angeles Sarah the Tea Mistress Sipping Profile woman of mystery

Subject: Henrietta “Hetty” Lange Role: Director of the Office of Special Projects, sub-division of NCIS/Woman of intrigue and mystery Typical Tea Drinking Habits: Foreign and obscure blends of tea in perfect English style tea cups usually sipped while leading a team of young rule breakers through the mean streets of Los Angeles What we can learn from his/her sipping habits:  Hetty is a calm woman under a great deal of pressure.  She manages her passionate and talented team, keeps Washington elites happy, and looks into the face of danger and laughs.  She does so with a calm demeanor and an...

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