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Joy's Jabberings — tea snobbery

When Sick, Herbal Tea is Acceptable...Maybe.

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by Audrea Fink (@earlsteeper) I have a confession to make. I have been drinking herbal tea lately, bagged no less. I realize I've been pretty anti-herbal in the past and it's still not my favorite drink, but the past few days, it's really been helpful. I should also admit this all began because I got the flu. I had an upset stomach, fever and body aches. I wanted something comforting, but mellow. I happened to have some fresh ginger in the house and decided to steep it in hot water for about 10 minutes. (Let's be honest, I was sick so I made...

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What's a Tisane?

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Not all "tea" is tea. It seems that if you can pour hot water on it, and drink it a few minutes later, it's marketed as tea. In my opinion, this creates a lot of confusion for people new to tea drinking. Or, maybe I'm just a snob.

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Change Our Steep Times?

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It is my firm belief that those steep times are simply a jumping off point for negotiations!

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Seven Summer Tea Trekkin' Tips

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I have done some minor road trips in my time and have tried to maintain my tea snobbery while on the go. These are – by no means – rules that are set in stone. People have their own ways of coping with cuppas while trekkin’. The following techniques (if you can even call them that) are ways I’ve found to make a decent cup while knee-deep in vagabond splendor.

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How Does Joy's Teaspoon Do Tea?

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One of my takeaways this year after meeting so many wonderful people and seeing how they "do tea" is that we all do it a little different. So, I'm going to take a second to explain how we do it.

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